[sdiy] SMT caps got me worrying

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Check the data sheet. The 1000h rating is at 85C and FULL rated voltage, and the 
caps don't die; they drift +/- 20% on capacitance. Caps should always be derated 
for voltage. I try to derate 50% on cap voltage. Another spec to watch is ripple 
current. The higher the ripple current the more internal heating the cap will 


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So I am starting to incorporate SMT into my projects.

For the first time I am using a electrolytic  cap (a panasonic, 16volt 100uf)

In the specs on Mouser it has this comment

"Load life-1000 hours"


(see for yourself)


That is less hours than there are in a year!

That doesnt sound like many.

My questions are

1. Does that mean the cap will DIE after 1000 hours?
2. Is that figure just a way for the company to cover themselves and should I 
actually expect many more hours?


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