[sdiy] High Q Resonators/analog drums

Thomas Strathmann thomas at pdp7.org
Tue Jun 14 15:48:29 CEST 2011

On 6/14/11 14:40 , Chris Strellis wrote:
> Hi Adam,
>> Some info on my page
>> http://www.adambaby.com/studiotech_TR-77.html
> That was fascinating to watch.
> Thanks for doing that and for the link.
> Now we need to model it in software ;)

Inspired by this post I generated samples of different drum sounds using 
this method by simulating in Qucs and then converting the resulting 
signal vector to a wave file (BTW, I guess some of the commercial SPICE 
implementations provide a function for this out of the box, but which 
ones?). The rough idea was to be able to make a plugin that plays the 
samples and sort of fakes the output stage. Haven't looked into it yet, 
though, as my free time is running short this week.


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