[sdiy] Voltage References

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Thu Jun 9 05:44:19 CEST 2011

> Any favourite methods of generating +/-10V reference voltages from a 
> +/-15V supply? Looking to keep component count down.

If you're not too concerned with absolute precision, and your PSU is rock
steady, then a buffered divider and an inverter are all you need.  Put a
small-value trimmer in the middle of the divider for precision.

If PSU drift or temperature compensation are concerns, then you should use a
precision 10V voltage reference such as REF01 or REF102.  REF01 is cheaper
and less precise than REF102, with a slightly higher tempco.  Both models
can be trimmed externally.  Slap it through a precision (trimmed) opamp
inverter and you've got precision +10 and -10V references with minimal parts

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