[sdiy] MemoryMoog "quiet" fan and parts

Doug Terrebonne dougt55 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 08:16:47 CEST 2011

Have you seen this? Cary was offering these for a while, I have one in mine - 



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> Hello,
> I want to change out the noisy fan in the MemoryMoog Plus and am  leaning 
>towards a Zalman pc chassis fan.
> My concerns are obviously these are  12 v jobs and require tapping into the 
>already overloaded psu.
> My other more  pressing concern is if it would be adequate ventilation. The 
>most important  thing is that it's quiet.
> Also does anybody have a dual concentric pot  and knob to sell or trade ? 
>Oscillator 3 center shaft is busted and missing the  knob.
> Modusonics email bounces and senso doesn't have  them.
> cheers,
> Tony  Kalomiris
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