[sdiy] A touch of spam about some new front panels : )

Julian julian at port23.co.uk
Fri Jun 3 13:24:17 CEST 2011

 ...well, im more showing them off.

Ive been cutting some 2.0 panels in different finishes recently, and some of them (i think) look pretty nice.

Here are some photos -

Gloss black -

Gloss blue -

...and the most recent, matt red -

Ive been trying to do more work in 2.0mm recently, as there are so many more colours / finishes availible than there are in 3.0mm. 
Obviously if you want to hang somthing real heavy off the back of the panel, then 3.0mm is the thickness to go for, but most sdiy 
stuff just doesnt need that strength, so, in a lot of cases, its nice to have the pretty colours / finishes : )

Ive just bought in some... well, its called 'bronze' (but it isnt bronze at all) which is quite nice as well (but i havent cut 
anything with it yet) and some matt green, which im planning on doing some mb6582 panels with (as i think itll look good against the 
black of the pactec cases that that project uses)

Its making a change from cutting 3.0mm matt black oakley panels, with white infill.... : )

Thanks, Julian
For custom cnc engraved panels see - http://www.thebeast.co.uk/cnc/ 

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