[sdiy] OT: TL07x Friend or Foe?

Tom Arnold xyzzy at sysabend.org
Thu Sep 30 23:29:53 CEST 2010

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 11:43:24PM -0700, David G. Dixon wrote:
> Wow, the list is very quiet lately.  Am I sensing a bit of "synthesizer
> fatigue"?  I must confess, I'm feeling it a bit, but I have been extremely
> busy at work and dealing with family issues, so that probably explains it.

Personally, I got my Ham Radio license last month and have changed gears and
started acquiring RF equipment.  Just needed a distracted from Synth stuff
for a while and working on HP test equipment and the like has been a nice
distraction for me if a little annoying to local friends who have to listen to 
me complain...

You'd think in the SF bay area with all the dozens of synth people around
here that we could get toegether on a regular basis but I guess we have a
hard enough time agreeing where to meet once a year...

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