[sdiy] Anybody worked with real Moog System 55 ?

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
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Eevryone should keep in mind that at the time, Allen-Bradley Type J were the industry
standard and perhaps the only really available choice (OK there were some cheapie CTS parts etc).

I have a bunch of NOS Allen Bradley Type J (Mexico).  I like the Mexican type J the best, although
the Thai and Jamacian are good as well :^)

My problem is they are too big (these days). Picture a FracRack with these, it would be one pot
per panel.

I really like the 1/2" diameter / 1/8" shaft better

H^) harry

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Gergo, you beat me to it!

JP, those pots are military-grade.  Why do you think they won't be
good enough?  Is it just that they have been around for a long time?
These are high-spec very robust - and expensive - pots, way overkill
for controlling a *mere* analogue oscillator.

Given their cost and robustness my guess is Moog chose those because,
certainly at the time, they were probably some of the best and most
robust pots available.  These have stood the test of time - a lot less
could be said about other components in the system (op-amps,
resistors, capacitors, etc).

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