[sdiy] Sudden IC death?

Jay Schwichtenberg jays at aracnet.com
Sat Sep 25 20:09:25 CEST 2010

What voltage are you running it at?

These are not compatiable with CD4066. Looking at the data sheet they are
only good up to 10V and not the 15V that the CD4066 work at.

Just a thought.
jay s.

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Hi list

So i'm doing this sound installation and when i was to install my piece it
didn't work, turns out that *all* of the 74HC4066's in my circuit had blown
for no apparent reason - so i'm just wondering, what would do this? The
whole thing stayed in it's (open) case all the time, i didn't rub it in cats
or anything but my only guess is some weird static electricity shock?

Oh and for anyone who's in the Baltimore area the coming week; i'm
installing at the High Zero festival which is a festival of improvised and
experimental music - come and rejoic --> www.highzero.org


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