[sdiy] Pot panel scales

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-1		+1
---	O	---
 0		10



Bip.  (o)==  Unip.



-1/0		+1/10

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Here's one for you guys. The CGS33 Matrix Mixer from Ken Stone has a switch 
for BIPOLAR and UNI-POLAR, how would you indicate that on a scale?

Laurie Biddulph

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> Neil, I agree wholeheartedly.  I put little numbers below all my pots, but
> mostly out of tradition.  I never look at them.  In fact, I rarely ever 
> look
> at any of the panel graphics after the first few minutes using a module.
> One way to distinguish monopolar and bipolar pots is with a vertical line
> emanating from the top of the latter to indicated a "zero" position.  This
> is also useful for actually zeroing the pot (presuming it is properly
> adjusted, which most of mine are not).
>> On a modular synth, many pots have an arbitrary 0 to 10 or -10 to +10
>> scale.  I'm not counting specific scales, such as on a pitch pot that
>> might indicate semitones, for example.
>> The question being: how important are the numbers?  How often do
>> really need to know, for example, that CV1 is set to 5.4?  Is it
>> really that useful for recording patch data, or do you take a photo or
>> simply use your memory and ears to recreate a patch?
>> Looking at the plethora of modules on the market, practically every
>> pot has a numbered scale.  But how many people actually use the
>> numbers on the these pot scales?  Is it simply tradition that dictates
>> that pots MUST have numbered scales?  Do you cling to the numbers for
>> comfort or security?  Or is it all simply a waste of ink?
>> Me: I don't care much for arbitrary scales.  I think by now I can work
>> out how a knob's position relates to its scale position.  I just need
>> to know where the physical endpoints are, and whether its unipolar (0
>> to 10) or bipolar (-ve to 0 to +ve).  But I'd be interested to hear
>> from the wider community :)
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