[sdiy] Gluing Broken Keys Back Together?

Paul Cunningham paul at cometway.com
Thu Sep 23 22:23:19 CEST 2010

The only caution I have about Liquid Nails is that it can be "goopy" similar to rubber cement and you can easily make a mess if you use too much. However, it will scrape off the plastic cleanly with your thumbnail if you get to it quickly. There are a variety of viscosities for super glue you can get from hobby/repair store that might be easier to work with, but will also damage most plastics if mishandled. Liquid Nails is pretty easy to obtain -- use a toothpick or something like that to apply a *very* small amount. -pc

On Sep 23, 2010, at 4:13 PM, Paul Burns wrote:

> Sadly no good for keys however there is a much better adhesive available in
> the UK over and above Liquid Nails, called Pink Grip. It beats Liquid Nails
> hands down , but is bloody pink !
> regards
> Paul
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> Ok so with a proper epoxy or superglue, a clamp, little braces and the
> help of gravity I should be able to get the key together without a
> mess. I suppose I will go over to the local Lowes and buy a few
> different advesives and then carefully test them on the part of the
> key you normally won't see to make sure it won't discolor or otherwise
> disfigure the material.
> I will give Liquid Nails a try since I remember once using it
> successfully to repair a broken glass window. Not only did the glass
> hold together but it didn't leak either!
> The pins would have been a nice idea if I had some accurate way to
> make the holes line up perfectly. That isn't going to happen with a
> hand drill though.
> What if I used a piece of double-sided tape as a fixture? I could
> place adhesive on the two ends of the key, then fit them together and
> stick them to the tape. While held in place on the tape I could place
> the support bracing on the underside with the epoxy. The tape would
> act as both a clamp and like painters tape to prevent excess glue from
> flowing onto the top surface of the key. Hmmmm....

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