[sdiy] Pot panel scales

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
Thu Sep 23 17:49:26 CEST 2010

Some folks might want to consider having their panel graphics go from
0 - 11 (or -11 to +11) for increased range...

extra phat anyone ?

H^) harry (uhhh... it goes to ELEVEN...)

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I've been thinking the same thing myself lately as the engraving I'm getting
from Frontpanel Express requires the numbers to be fairly large to make them
out.  My first modular was a Serge which does not have any labels for the
scales and instead uses a "sweep" graphic around the pots to show if it is
unipolar or bipolar.  I never jot down patches anyway and I certainly never
think "this CV needs to be set at 6.47."  I'm probably going to drop the
numbers from my graphics from now on as they are more an aesthetic to match
the rest of my system than anything useful.  If I keep labels it probably
will only be 0,10 and -,0,+ to show what type of response the knob controls.
It would also lower my cost per panel to use simplified graphics.

James R. Coplin

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> Hi all,
> Yes, quiet indeed.  Ok, so here's a point to discuss:
> On a modular synth, many pots have an arbitrary 0 to 10 or -10 to +10
> scale.  I'm not counting specific scales, such as on a pitch pot that
> might indicate semitones, for example.
> The question being: how important are the numbers?  How often do
> really need to know, for example, that CV1 is set to 5.4?  Is it
> really that useful for recording patch data, or do you take a photo or
> simply use your memory and ears to recreate a patch?
> Looking at the plethora of modules on the market, practically every
> pot has a numbered scale.  But how many people actually use the
> numbers on the these pot scales?  Is it simply tradition that dictates
> that pots MUST have numbered scales?  Do you cling to the numbers for
> comfort or security?  Or is it all simply a waste of ink?
> Me: I don't care much for arbitrary scales.  I think by now I can work
> out how a knob's position relates to its scale position.  I just need
> to know where the physical endpoints are, and whether its unipolar (0
> to 10) or bipolar (-ve to 0 to +ve).  But I'd be interested to hear
> from the wider community :)
> Cheers,
> Neil
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