[sdiy] de-potting

Synthusiast synthusiast at gmx.net
Sun Sep 19 22:12:24 CEST 2010

>> I've Googled up some info about a chemical called 'Attack',
>> which tends to work good on epoxy. Any of you guys ever used
>> this before?
> Nope, but I have used Nitromors All Purpose Paint and Varnish Remover.
> You can get it in the UK at B&Q, or any decent hardware store.
> It is mostly dichloromethane, with a bit of methanol, in a gel base so it
> doesn't run all over the place.
> The tricky bit of de-potting epoxy encrusted circuitry is that many
> component packages (or value labels) will also be eaten by the chemical
> removing the resin, as well as the epoxy holding the fibreglass in the PCB
> together.
> Proceed with caution.
> This is mostly useful for reverse engineering a circuit you don't expect 
> to
> put back together.

Sounds interesting... I'll have a look if I can find a store here in Holland 
which sells that kind of stuff.

I could use this rare though dead LFO epoxied block as a paper weight or... 
I could try to dissolve the epoxy, reverse engineer the module and build a 
working new one. Option two sounds like a lot of more fun to me. :-)


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