[sdiy] Good precision pot choice for VCO CV panel tuning ??

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Wed Sep 15 21:58:12 CEST 2010

Pot value... more than $40.00 each !!!!!

Ok... still looking for something else...

Hi list,
I'm about to build some VCO's for my DOTCOM modular
and I'm wondering what brand of 100k precision pot I'll use 
for freq panel tuning.
My VCO panel layout will be like the original Moog 921A module 
with the tuning pot shaft using 320deg mechanical rotation. 
(Original Moog used Allen Bradley pots, now PEC pots).
So now I need a 100k (maybe 50k) linear pot
with 320deg mechanical/electrical travel that has
at least 5% linearity to follow the panel layout.

I know a lot of you talked
on some earlier posts about the good Vishay 148/149 series quality
with 300deg shaft mechanical travel, and +-5% linearity.
But that linearity doesn't show on both shaft travel far ends. 

So I need your opinions on the following possible pot:


Tolerance 10%
Independant Linearity 1% !!!
Electrical/mechanical Rotation 320deg
Conductive plastic

Price, avaiability, distributor... 

Any thoughts on that choice?

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