[sdiy] Bootcamp . Parallels/ off patch over priced Mac rubbish

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Tue Sep 14 22:59:05 CEST 2010

(This is my very last contribution to this overripe thread; I promise!)

> "most reliable and most useful combination of tools for a computer?"

I should have added, "unless you're a computer geek".  :o)

In my (albeit limited) experience, LINUX and UNIX are more or less
exclusively the domain of computer experts.
In my world (of engineering, but NOT software engineering), everyone runs
MS-Office on a PC.  Most serious engineering tools (include CAD tools,
modeling and simulation packages, etc.) run mostly (if not exclusively) on
Windows.  I've never encountered an engineer using MacOS in any professional
capacity.  Even someone running Windows on a Mac (as I do) is still rare.

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