[sdiy] Bootcamp . Parallels/ off patch over priced Mac rubbish

Jason Proctor jason at redfish.net
Tue Sep 14 20:42:00 CEST 2010

>I could not agree more about the PC vs Thing...if you cannot use it in the
>first place don't bother... it is just a tool.

hey you started it :-)

>Just for the record I built my first computer from scratch in 1977 ...
>whooahah ...capacitors , resistors and all .. so there, and touching wood it
>still works ...scary stuff...lol ... but who cares?

eeeh when i were a lad, we used to live in a box in t'middle o' t'road...

you had a box?? we used to *dream* of having a box.

>A few friends and I had to have a TV Ad taken of British TV a few years ago
>in that at the Apple claimed to be the fastest PC in the UK.. wrong .. mine
>was ...we tested it and the ad got stopped...some stupid G4 which was not
>anywhere near as fast ... a silly claim by Jeff Goldblum.. He had not seen
>my setup...nitrogen cooled at a stage which made it even faster ...

so you're testing a stock machine against something seriously 
tweaked? that sounds like the kind of benchmark Microsoft likes :-)

it's true though. the PowerPCs are beautiful processors to program, 
but can't compete on speed with the 8088 with 16 bit hacks + 32 bit 
hacks + 64 bit hacks + multimedia hacks...

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