[sdiy] Bootcamp . Parallels/ off patch over priced Mac rubbish

Paul Burns paul at fitvideo.co.uk
Tue Sep 14 20:12:32 CEST 2010

I could not agree more about the PC vs Thing...if you cannot use it in the
first place don't bother... it is just a tool. 

Just for the record I built my first computer from scratch in 1977 ...
whooahah ...capacitors , resistors and all .. so there, and touching wood it
still works ...scary stuff...lol ... but who cares?

A few friends and I had to have a TV Ad taken of British TV a few years ago
in that at the Apple claimed to be the fastest PC in the UK.. wrong .. mine
was ...we tested it and the ad got stopped...some stupid G4 which was not
anywhere near as fast ... a silly claim by Jeff Goldblum.. He had not seen
my setup...nitrogen cooled at a stage which made it even faster ...

Never bring a knife to a gunfight




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Odd that you should hate someone so much you don't even know and for a
'crime' of great industrial design.  Nobody in the synth world is hated that
way.  I admire Jobs for his innovative use of materials and thinking about
quality before price.  Anyone can buy a cheap PC and use it as a tool in the
lab but there is a place for a well engineered product as an alternative for
those of us that are cultured enough to appreciate it.  Unfortunately t's a
lost cause for those who can't.  I always though that the first manufacturer
to bring out a PC that's twice the size it needs to be and painted it in a
military style camouflage colour scheme would have a success on their hands.

Just for the record, I've used Macs since 1984 and (touching wood) never had
one fail yet.  My current Intel Mac isn't clogged with anti-viral software
and if I have to run Windows software for any design applications, it runs
them under Parallels faster than on an equivalent PC which I still use in
the lab. I'm not bothered particularly what OS I use as there's not a great
deal to learn in order to become familiar enough to be a fluent enough user.
It's only like being able to use different modular synths!

This whole Mac vs PC thing should have died years ago - they're just
computers for godsakes - that's where you should be getting a grip!


On 14 Sep 2010, at 17:43, Paul Burns wrote:

> It was meant to be tongue in cheek and see how many FanBois leapt on the
> hook...
> Still it is mostly (99percent) truthful .. I shall chop these dead Macs up
> and enjoy very moment of it...and I shall make something useful... plant
> pots beckon...
> Where this started is in that I have had so many students ask me to
> BootCamp or Parallels, and when I ask why they need to run real world
> software, when I ask why they bought a Mac in the first place , their
> is always " because they look cool"
> So to the Youf Culture of today Mac is all about street cred, not
> performance usability or longevity...
> Get a grip ... I hate you , Steve Jobs... 
> regards
> Paul
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> "Paul Burns" <paul at fitvideo.co.uk> wrote:
>> I have four dead Mac systems on my deck at the moment ...towers and 
>> laptops both ....
>> They really are not worth repairing ... mainboards are blown in all four
> ...
>> all the expense goes in the looks , not what is under the bonnet 
>> ...they run way too hot and burn out ...
>> So now I understand why there is a market for Parallels and Bootcamp... 
>> that is so that at least when they are alive any Mac can run Windows 
>> and something useful like Autocad (I find this really funny in that 
>> students all want Macs, convince their daddies to buy at horrific 
>> prices, but they know when they are at Uni they are going to have to 
>> get in the real world , hence run real world software , ergo have to 
>> run Parallels or Bootcamp...hilarious)...
>> I might chop the boxes up and make something useful out of them... some 
>> kind of rack system, they are pretty enough, if indeed a little to 
>> effeminate for my tastes, but I am sure they appeal to some... perhaps 
>> plant racks or a goldfish bowl if I can seal it up. Who knows? I shall
> recycle somehow ...
>> regards
>> Paul
> Thanks Paul, I found this post quite humorous!
> -- ScottG

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