[sdiy] Allen Strange book

Thomas Strathmann thomas at pdp7.org
Tue Sep 14 00:00:59 CEST 2010

> The EN collection for sure is a "must have". My EN stack sits by the
> bedside :-)
> Leafing thru EN is better than Google when searching for an idea.

It's a lot of paper. Considering the sheer amount of paper and other 
stuff I have in my small flat (and that is with storing double or so the 
amount I have here at my parents' house) conveniently storing the EN 
collection would already pose a significant space problem. For some of 
the material I think PDFs would be quite handy, but I suspect that this 
won't happen. And then there's the cost of shipping. The latest info 
says shipping is almost half the price of the whole collection. So I'd 
pay almost 450$ which is quite a bit of money. But if I think about EN 
as a sort of academic collection of papers and reports the price seems 
cheap for the volume when compared with the cost of a Springer or 
Elsevier conference proceedings or monograph. If I get a house or so 
with a library then EN would be among the first 10-50 item's I'd buy. 
Till then I'll stick to using the Web, this list, and a few select 
electronics books.


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