[sdiy] FW: VC Resonance

Dave Leith dave.leith at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 19:59:02 CEST 2010

very nice Oliver

I have both a serge filter and an DIY ARP multimode filter with VC
resonance. I'll definitely try the patch you've described. I have used
VC resonance with random CV's controlling the resonance to obtain
variation in patterns as Paul Perry had mentioned.


On 9/12/10, David G. Dixon <dixon at interchange.ubc.ca> wrote:
> Olivier forgot to hit the "reply to all" button too!
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> Hi David,
>  Essential to me since I'm building synths with microcontroller control
>  and patch memory. Besides that, an interesting effect that can be
>  obtained with VC resonance is to modulate the cutoff by a fast
>  decaying envelope, and alternate with a LFO or step sequencer between
>  full self oscillation and no self-oscillation - at full
>  self-oscillation this will sound like a kick drum, at no
>  self-oscillation the original oscillators' sound will be distinctly
>  heard through:
>  http://soundcloud.com/mutable-instruments/yet-another-techno-loop
>  Another benefit of VC resonance - we can use the same VC source to
>  couple resonance and the gain of a secondary VCA, to get an adjustable
>  "loudness" compensation curves when cranking up the resonance.
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