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Karl Ekdahl <elektrodwarf at yahoo.se> wrote:
>On the note that the brain is 3-dimensional and EEG just measures 
>the surface; If i'm not misstaken, one of the things ERP does is 
>using multi electrode systems (32-64 electrodes rather then EEGs 
>3-8) to be able to pin-point signals in 3 dimensions. 
>Also the fact that the brain does not gain anything from emitting 
>signals through the skull doesn't necessarily mean you can't 

Of course not.  My point was that the signals that are found there (skull cap)
aren't there because of some inducement due to evolution which _is_ the case for
signals sent to muscles from parts of the brain that are designed to handle
manipulation of the environment by "will".

>A friend of mine brought a EEG system to me and i helped him 
>making it work with his modular, instead of using it to monitor 
>brain activity he used it to measure face muscle movement; 

And these signals come from a part of the brain that was designed to handle the
manipulation of the environment (facial expression).

I would think that these signals would be easier to control by "will" since they
are designed for that purpose - as opposed to signals found on the skull cap
which are coming from all kinds of different processing circuits.  Many of which
may not be easily controlled by "will".  

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>> There has been work done in this area
>> for the development of intelligent prosthetics.
>> Interestingly, these tend to follow Scott's logic, and use
>> sensors attached to *muscles* (in the chest, in one example
>> I remember) rather than trying to pick up the signal direct
>> in the brain. That way the hardware doesn't have to do so
>> much decoding, since the *purpose* is already present.
>> An example from the BBC News:
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8677132.stm
>> T.
>> On 9 Sep 2010, at 23:24, Scott Gravenhorst wrote:
>> > Perhaps my expression "leave the brain" isn't accurate
>> as is - sure signals leave the
>> > brain, but they do so conducted by electochemical
>> nervous connections, not by
>> > through-the-air propogation or even bone-tissue-skin
>> conduction which can be sensed by
>> > electronic equipment.
>> > 
>> > My point is that the connections through nerves to
>> activate muscles and receive sensory
>> > signals were rewarded by evolution and their functions
>> advanced due to the rewards.  No
>> > such reward has been provided by nature regarding
>> signals that can be sensed by elecronic
>> > connections attached to the exterior of the skull.
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