[sdiy] Typical ESR of different capacitors

Antti Huovilainen antti.huovilainen at iki.fi
Wed Sep 1 16:43:32 CEST 2010

On Wed, 1 Sep 2010, Gergo Palatinszky wrote:

> I've found:
> Check the table here:
> http://my.execpc.com/~endlr/esr.html
> click the pic at the bottom as well

Thanks. That provided some help, but unfortunately the table and figure 
are flawed as they use different frequencies for the measurements and 
assume ESR is constant over frequency (which it isn't due to dissipation 
factor as far as I've been able to understand). Almost all the data I 
found seemed to assume that normal electrolytics would only ever be used 
as main PSU filter caps and never for any further filtering where higher 
frequencies were important.


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