[sdiy] Typical ESR of different capacitors

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If you have time (who has???) dig some study from the net

Check Fig4. Here http://www.kemet.com/kemet/web/homepage/kfbk3.nsf/vaFeedbackFAQ/D1A54E16FEC61B058525721E006EF53C/$file/Sun%20Paper%20on%20ESL%20&%20ESR.pdf   might hive some hint even not product specific :O(


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I'm doing a small digital board that uses an LDO for the +5V supply. This 
requires a capacitor with relatively low ESR and it got me thinking:

What is the range of typical ESR in various types of capacitors?

It's been hard / impossible to find good information online about the 
topic as manufacturers tend to only list ESR for their low-ESR capacitor 
models. However, if I pick random small value electrolytic, tantalum and 
ceramic capacitors, what ballpark can I expect the ESR to be in each 


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