[sdiy] Who do you trust ??? (somewhat OT)

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
Wed Sep 1 15:08:48 CEST 2010

They both have the same pinouts, but which side is the metal heatsink tab on ?

I checked the Motorola part both with a meter, and in the circuit.  The OnSemi
sheet is wrong. I would not have even looked at the Fairchild sheet if the Moto
data was correct. Its funny because I remember that the Moto part had the base
on the left, looking at the pins, with the tab DOWN (and that is what the
OnSemi / Moto sheet says).  But ~my~ part is differrent (special :^).

I'll try another one.  It would be even more weird if my transistor was upside down
in the package !

H^) harry

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They both show BCE pinouts. It looks like a bad drawing on the Fairchild sheet, 
plus they chose different numbers. Go with the On-Semi sheet, and test with a 
meter to make sure.


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Check out the pinouts. My meter says that Fairchild
speaks truth, while On-Semi must not have checked the old
Motorola docs carefully. I seem to remember that the
part pin out was like the On-semi...

As Jimi once said "It just goes to show you that you
can't believe everything you see and hear, so if you will
excuse me, I must be on my way..."

H^) harry
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