[sdiy] Stripboard and pad tool source in US?

Mark Rivera marr at lumin.us
Thu Oct 28 04:01:03 CEST 2010

Thanks all for the pointers to stripboard. I haven't worked with it
before - just used photoresist type boards, but this time I want to
skip on doing the full layout until after I do some testing.
Breadboard was driving me crazy with spurious signals when I get my
hand near it.

The photoresist ones I've used are: http://www.mpja.com/products.asp?dept=394

I've had a few misfires, but they usually come out pretty good:

Found the tool at Mouser. It leaves you with a circular pad rather
than a circular blank. Part number 574-P138A. Really pricey, but I
think it's going to save some grief/space. I'll post some pictures of
the result when it comes in.


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