[sdiy] Modeling circuits

Thomas Strathmann thomas at pdp7.org
Fri Oct 22 18:31:02 CEST 2010

On 10/22/10 17:21 , Barry Klein wrote:
> Just received an ad from Line6 on their "HD modeling" pedals.
> Made me wonder... What if you had one that took your crappy old sawtooth
> and made it
> a nice fat/phat Moog one.... you get the idea. Do these types of
> circuits apply different amounts
> and/or frequency eq based on the input character or are they fixed and
> you get what you get?

Do you mean the modelling of circuits to emulate the sonic 
characteristics of analog or digital/analog gear (something like 
https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~dtyeh/ for instance)? The other 
interpretation (circuits used for modelling the behaviour of other 
circuits) does not make a lot of sense to me in the context of Line6 
modelling pdeals. Those are DSP based devices. I guess the exact 
approach/set of algorithms they use is proprietary.


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