[sdiy] ESD grounding in USA

Seb Francis seb at burnit.co.uk
Mon Oct 18 20:42:47 CEST 2010

  On 18/10/2010 18:41, Tom Corbitt wrote:
> That one should have the banana connection. Unsure why the picture I
> sent didn't show it, it's part of a system that does just that. Here's
> another one that shows it clearly. Almost all the portable mats I've
> ever seen use this kind of connection.
> http://www.stanleysupplyservices.com/product-detail.aspx?pn=122-789&ref=base

Yes, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm after.  Now I just need to find one with a smaller price tag!

> Up till about the early to mid 60's in the US it was not uncommon to
> find only two wires (hot&  neutral) to outlets. But you would be hard
> pressed to buy only two wire romex these days. Every home inspection
> I've had in the last 15 years has included the inspector going around
> and plugging the tester into every outlet they saw to insure all is
> well.

Well, it's good to know that all modern wired houses will have a ground connection - I guess anywhere there's a 3 prong socket, there should be an earth connection to a nearby ground rod.  Still the ground connection point with built in tester seems like a good idea to be sure .. if only I can find one in the sub-$10 price range.


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