[sdiy] PCB mounting tips

David Brown davebr at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 18 03:59:10 CEST 2010

As mentioned, I have made my brackets fit just the jacks.  The Hendry 
jack brackets worked well because the stainless is thin and there 
isn't a lot of extra thread depth on a jack.   My aluminum brackets 
tend to be a bit on the thick side.

For Switchcraft enclosed 112-type jacks I have used two other mounting methods.

For my Analogic module, I just screwed the sheet metal plate to the 
side of the jacks.  There is enough room for a #2 screw head inside 
the jack housing.  I did this on two jacks, one at the top and one at 
the bottom.  The PCB is small and there isn't much stress on the jacks.

For my JH Scanner Chorus/Vibrato I was also somewhat out of space to 
use a conventional bracket mounting scheme.  I also had a straight 
row of jacks up the side but didn't want to screw the bracket to just 
two jacks because of the larger PCB and panel wiring.  I ended up 
making a bracket "sandwich".  I used a smaller bracket and tapped it 
for screws in-between each jack.  I then screwed the larger bracket 
to the smaller piece with all 9 of the jacks sandwiched 
in-between.  I just tightened it down and it made a great structural 
bracket to mount the PCB.  There's a good photo on my page.


At 12:53 PM 10/17/2010, David G. Dixon wrote:
>Hey Team,
>Does anyone have any tips for mounting a PCB/stooge bracket to a panel which
>contains only open-frame jacks?  I'm thinking I'll probably have to use long
>standoffs screwed to the panel between the jacks, but I'd be interested to
>hear any other ideas.

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