[sdiy] PCB mounting tips

Scott Juskiw scott at tellun.com
Sun Oct 17 23:31:33 CEST 2010

I have a module with 16 jacks and nothing else. Larry Hendry sold these jack bracket that I connected to a piece of flat metal that holds the PCBs.
Larry's page:


My project:


Some photos of the brackets and plastic panel:


Bridechamber has a 3-Jack bracket, but I haven't used it yet:


On 2010-10-17, at 1:53 PM, David G. Dixon wrote:

> Hey Team,
> Does anyone have any tips for mounting a PCB/stooge bracket to a panel which
> contains only open-frame jacks?  I'm thinking I'll probably have to use long
> standoffs screwed to the panel between the jacks, but I'd be interested to
> hear any other ideas.

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