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But what if all pins are square?????


On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 19:27, Speth, John <John.Speth at coherent.com> wrote:
>> Here's a dumb question:  What does a square pad on a PCB mean?
>> Here's what
>> I think it means:
>> - the positive rail on a power connector
>> - the jack tip on a jack connector
>> - the #1 terminal on a pot connector (the one on the right looking
>> at the
>> back of the pot)
>> - the #1 terminal on a switch connector (the one on the bottom of
>> SPDT, or
>> on the bottom right of DPDT, looking at the back of the switch)
>> - the #1 pin on an IC
>> If there are more common uses for a square pad, or if any of these
>> are
>> wrong, could someone please let me know?  I'd like to make my
>> handmade
>> boards a bit easier to use for kit builders.  Thanks in advance!
> In my world, a square pad usually means pin 1.  I've never seen it mean anything else.  Don't confuse a square pad with a "thermal".  They look kinda the same at a glance.
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