[sdiy] Front Panels for DIY.. using a arbor press for holes

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Tue Oct 5 19:14:08 CEST 2010

> 5/8" for Alpha pots,
> I think you meant 5/16"

Yeah, you are right ! sorry..

>how would this work for 0.1" to
> 0.125"aluminum? 

Well I didn't try it biut machinists I talked to
told me that 2 tons presses with a long enough handle
can punch 1/8" thick aluminum (not steel) easy.

Please note that all my adapters/bits have been custom
made for me by someone in Quebec City, Canada.
I don't know if this guy will accept orders from anybody on that..
If not I'll be glad to put lots of detailed pictures on this DIY site 
available to anybody interested who will managed to get these pieces built
by someone.


 On Tue 05/10/10 13:22 , "David G. Dixon" dixon at interchange.ubc.ca sent:
> > I bought this arbor press in Canada at Busybee
> Tools:> http://www.busybeetools.com/products/ARBOR-PRESS-2-TON.html
> Nice!
> > 5/8" for Alpha pots,
> I think you meant 5/16"
> > And yes this is so much more clean and precise
> than drilled holes..> I'm working with 1/16" thick aluminium
> here> so drilling is not a good idea...
> Yes, punching thin material is easy.  I do it for my stooge brackets,
> whichare 1/32" stainless.  However, how would this work for 0.1" to
> 0.125"aluminum?  I find that drilling this thicker material is very easy, as
> longas I centre punch carefully and use a 1/8" drill to start each hole,
> and aslong as I set the speed on my drill press to its minimum setting.

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