[sdiy] Transcendent 2000 project

Travis Thatcher recompas at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 21:38:04 CEST 2010

I've got a Powertran Transcendent 2000 that's been converted for use without a 
keyboard.  Don't really have time for the project anymore so I was curious if 
anyone here would be interested in it.  Its got connections wired for Gate, CV, 
Audio In, and Audio out.  All functions have worked at some point in the last 
few months but every time I move the panel enough to fix one wire, another tends 

to come loose. Basically I was planning on just redoing all the panel wiring to 
make it good as new.  Need time and room for other projects though.  

Its located in NYC, shipping in the US shouldn't be too bad. Here's some 


 Travis Thatcher



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