[sdiy] OT: TL07x Friend or Foe?

Cary Roberts cary.roberts at retrosynth.net
Fri Oct 1 08:48:44 CEST 2010

>> ...starting at 6am.  Unfortunately Tom, Doug, and myself are the only
>> synth geeks in attendance.
>Um, do you think that perhaps the ungodly hour might have something to do
>with the low attendance?   ;o)

On most days I roll out of bed no earlier than 9am so if I can make it there
by 6 or 7am others can too.  What we should do is schedule breakfast at
Hobee's across the street at 10am.  That way early risers can hunt for
bargains (SID chips, CA3080s, dead synths) and the late risers can meet us
for breakfast.


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