[sdiy] Endless pots?

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Mon Nov 29 13:30:13 CET 2010

There are pots that turns endlessly with a small dead zone around 360 deg.
They mostly have very precise linearity (normaly used for servo controls)
Look at this one..
I used it for my Moog921A clone module.
It has 2% linearity:

or this ended auction:

Very smooth action, 360deg. rotation, very good tracking linearity,
very small dead zone around 360deg.
I know they are not cheap but... nothing for nothing.
Hope this helps.

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> Regarding past pots and decoder discussions, i wonder why there are
> are no pots that turns endlessly with a small dead zone around 360 deg?
> Could be neat!
> Regards
> KD
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