[sdiy] Bare-bones, stand-alone MIDI I/O modules?

Olivier Gillet ol.gillet at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 18:10:37 CET 2010


> I'd prefer to see examples of ready made or kits rather than "here's some code" - but I'm open to whatever. I'm looking at this from the perspective of someone who is designing things that might be controlled via MIDI rather than someone who wants to code MIDI - if that makes sense.

You'd probably get that by cobbling together bits of the MIDIbox
project. In particular they have the AOUT module with 8 CV outputs.
http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp_aout.html. Combined with their "core"
module, you have a good platform for building a MIDI and patch
storage/edition interface around analog circuits.

There are many more products in the "connect your pots/sensors to this
board to make your MIDI controller" department: the doepfer pocket
electronic, the MIDI CPU from highly liquid... just like the sparkfun
product you mentioned. But then it doesn't really look like what you
are looking for.


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