[sdiy] Best kept secret of amazing electronics books

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Mon Nov 15 20:32:34 CET 2010

I'll try to find it. Given that I'm in Germany right now, and can read
German, I could easily see myself getting a nice collection of used
books in the language. If you have any other tips, keep 'em coming!


On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 20:17, Thomas Strathmann <thomas at pdp7.org> wrote:
> On 11/15/10 18:40 , cheater cheater wrote:
>>> I did not know this book either. It addresses one of the issues I had
>>> with
>>> Art of Electronics: Sometimes it's a very light on descriptions or
>>> explanations. The Student Manual seems to fix this. But I find it
>>> irritating
>>> that a book about electronics has so little maths. You can write in such
>>> a
>>> way that (a) the math content is not essential to the main text, but
>>> rather
>>> an addition for those who want an in-depth understanding, and (b) people
>>> who
>>> don't know about things like differential equations can learn the basics
>>> from an engineer's point of view along the way. Solving a linear ODE with
>>> fixed coefficients is just applying a recipe or algorithm if you will and
>>> until I learned about it I never had the feeling that I understand even
>>> the
>>> most basic circuits with capacitors or inductors.
>> What book do you suggest that does that?
>> I'm very good with my maths...
> Then you don't need a book that holds your hand with calculus and stuff. I
> like Tietze/Schenk - Halbleiterschaltungstechnik. It's certainly not ideal,
> but it covers a lot of ground including the maths involved, signal
> transmission, basic control theory, etc. Dunno about the English translation
> (in case you need that). One thing the authors got right was the omission of
> a chapter on microcomputers. Older editions had that, but such a chapter
> just gets old and is not really useful. Certainly much less material in the
> current edition that gets obsolete any time soon.
>        Thomas
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