[sdiy] Soldering aluminium, (was: 0.100 pin header reliability).

David Brown davebr at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 15 20:14:35 CET 2010

I bought some aluminum brazing (soldering) rod years ago.  It was 
made in Olympia, Washington, but I don't see it now in a Google 
search.  I think it was a zinc alloy.  I probably have a lifetime supply.

It "solders" aluminum pretty well.  I've done a reasonable amount of 
brazing with it.  The main issue is aluminum goes from the solid to 
liquid state with no change in appearance (unlike steel).  One 
moment, what you are brazing is there, and the next moment it's 
gone.  You have to continuously monitor the heat.  Also, if you are 
brazing on opposite ends of a piece, aluminum conducts heat so well 
that you will "un"braze the opposite end you are working on.  You 
have to use heat sinks to keep the brazed work cool.

For Synth-DIY I brazed an aluminum bracket for my Blacet Miniwave.  I 
needed a top on the mounting bracket for the Tellun JLH2090CV 
board.  There is a picture of the brazed bracket on my Miniwave page.


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>Subject: Soldering aluminium, (was: 0.100 pin header reliability).

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