[sdiy] 0.100 pin header reliability.

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Mon Nov 15 19:08:30 CET 2010

> The $300 crimpers allow you to do a lot more connections a lot easier...

Fair enough.  However, for me, crimping is never the rate-limiting step in
panel wiring.  Plus, having a hand-held crimping tool is very important for
the way I do my panel wiring.  The multipin connectors on my board are
organized in a fairly logical fashion, and I tend to make all the
connections to a given connector at once.  For example, if I've got a 6-pin
connector with wires going to a couple of pots, say, then I solder all the
leads to the pots first.  Then I gather the wires into a bunch and cut them
all to the proper length (much like a barber cuts hair).  Then I strip and
crimp, plug the pins into the connector, plug the connector to the board,
bundle up the wires with a plastic tie, and move on to the next connector.
For this technique, a hand-held crimper is essential.

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