[sdiy] Soldering aluminium, (was: 0.100 pin header reliability).

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Thanks for the tip. that would be good to know in desperation, for sure !!!

H^) harry

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Subject: Re: [sdiy] Soldering aluminium,	(was:  0.100 pin header reliability).

Subject: Soldering aluminium, (was: 0.100 pin header reliability).

> >>David G. Dixon wrote:
> >> In my experience, aluminum repels solder, which forms droplets with
> >>contact angles when splashed onto aluminum.
> >While soldering aluminium is possible, see for example
> > http://www.aws.org/wj/2004/02/046/
> >the fluxes involved are pretty nasty.  Even just bolting aluminium
> >conductors to copper you need to use special jointing compounds to
> >stop joint failure from accelerated corrosion.
> My adoptive Grandfather  told me of a WW1 technique, used for patching
> engine parts and fuel tanks. The surface is cleaned, then a film of light
> oil is put on the aluminium, and the surface further abraded with wire
> through the oil. The alloy can then be tinned, because the air has not
> in contact with the alloy, due to the oil, for long enough for the surface
> oxide to form. The heat from the iron boils away the oil as tinning
> progresses. The patch is tinned up the same way, then the two 'sweated'
> together. I used the technique to form alloy screening compartments, when
> building stuff for radio amateurs I knew, though for UHF, we used  silver
> soldered brass, then had it silver plated to give the lowest reistance for
> the skin effect currents. Not much use for terminals I grant you, but
> to form a solder patch if it's needed for a panel earth.
> ||\/||ike

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