[sdiy] Buchla Dodecamodule docs?

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I wouldn't think about it all that much. I'd just get a can of freeze spray
and use small squirts on various components until I got a suspicious one.
Then I would alternate between freezing it and put my finger on it to warm
it up and see if that issolates the part.

Good luck.
Jay S.

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Howdy all,

A friend has a Buchla electronic music box.  He brought it to me for a
little TLC.  I've been able to suss out and solve a few issues, but I've got
one remaining that's not been so forthcoming:  The Random Voltage Source
quits working as the machine warms up.  It runs fine when it's cool, but
stalls after a few minutes.  

I've seen Magnus' schematic collection, but there's no 212.  Does anyone
have any documentation for this guy, or any idea where I should be looking?


Byron Jacquot
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