[sdiy] FS: SCI Sixtrack, Frac modules, Vintage Fuzz, Wahs

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Wed Nov 10 19:43:10 CET 2010

Update form previous post. Will be flexible on prices as needed. Also
looking for a Tenori-On

For sale in Phila PA:
Pics/more info up at http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm

1. SCI Sixtrack - $450
Latest ROM OS installed (essential for Midi) and pro done and working six
output mod.  Excellent shape with very nice padded custom case that fits
it perfectly.  Copy of manual.  I had a sale for this but he seems to have
disappeared. You will not find a nicer 6Track and the ROM upgrade costs $$
via Wine Country. The Output mod is serious plus as well - hence my asking

Price is Firm on this unless you Pickup in phila or buy something else in
which case I'll be a bit flexible.

2. Heathkit 60s Fuzz - $175
Great vintage fuzz capable of rolling off to a unique distortion as well.
Controls are "distortion", "Boost" as well as two  way toggle to add more
bass to the signal. Sweet 60s germanium hand wired goodness.

3. 1970s Univox Uniwah - $75 - Classic!
I can't find a model # on this so I'm not sure if it's the UW1 or UW2. It
has the footswitch button on the right hands side under the pedal rocker
if that helps. it looks like this one:


4. FRAC Rack format modular synth modules - 100% pro built and tested frac
modules. All run off standard +\- 15vt MOTM/Blacet style Power supply.

A. PAIA 9720 Dual VCO -  $150  - You cannot buy this module assembled and
this includes the faceplate. Working 100%.

B. Blacet 2510 Noise/Improbability Drive - $175 -  factory (blacet4)
assembled.  great noise source *and* S/H unit.

C. PAIA 9748 Balance Modulator - $40  - Assembled in top shape. cool ring
mod type unit nd very flexible.

D. Frac/Banana patch panel with 2 wired 1/4" jacks on cables. $50

E. Blacet 2210 Multiple/attenuator -  $25 - FREE if you buy the other
three modules or a fuzz or Wah pedal in this email).

These are gone. Thanks!
Vintage Roland Fuzz/Wah - AD50 Roland Doublebeat _SOLD
Yamaha CS01 - SOLD
Akai S900 sampler with disks.  SOLD

I think all prices are fair and below Eb*y shite but I will listen to
serious offers. Multiple sales, QUICK sales, and local pickups will help

Plenty of references. Email any questions, thanks.

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