[sdiy] PWM Outputs

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Sun Nov 7 19:00:40 CET 2010

The most elegant way around this problem that I've seen is what I think of as "the Chroma solution".
The Rhodes Chroma mixed the PWM CV into the PWM output to remove the DC offset.
If you did it this way you could DC-couple the outputs, and the average DC level would be constant.

What's the problem with capacitive coupling though? This is audio, right?


On 7 Nov 2010, at 16:21, Tim Ressel wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> A technical question: if you have a PWM, say 0-5 volts from ttl or cmos, is it 
> better to cap-couple it to the output jack, or not? My concern is the average DC 
> level of PWMs varies over a wide range. This would cause a thump if cap-coupled, 
> yes?
> --Tim (doesn't know everything after all) Ressel
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