[sdiy] Kawai SX240 service manual online

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Fri Nov 5 10:49:41 CET 2010

Hi Bob!

Thank you very much for your scanning effort!
The quality is OK, sometimes reading the pin numbers is a little bit difficult - but there
Has to be a compromise between size and quality...

I normally use an old Paint Shop Pro 6 for the scanning and stitching task- it works fine!
You can also stitch using soft edges so that the result looks smoother.

For reduction of the filesize I normally work with GIF files and make a reduction to 
16 greyscale levels before generating the PDF - this gave me a minimal size with nice quality.

If you have your original files and if you would send it to me  I could test if I get slightly 
better results. 

Thank you very much again - my 2 dollars are already sent by Paypal!



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Hi all,  I finally got everything working right again and scanned in 
this thing at last that's been setting here for a couple years I think.  
4.5M roughly and just go to the site as always and follow the logical 
links to the global synth page, then production synths then kawai then 
sx240  (I figure if I train people how to work that aspect of it they'll 
find the resources more easily. lol. )   I ask anyone who feels like 
helping defray the cost (ie. not people who can't make their rent etc.) 
to chip in a coupe dollars since this one was a lot of work with 45 
pages many of which had to be stitched together.  What is UP with that 
corel photo paint?  I finally went to it from ixla I used for years when 
I upgraded to xp since ixla wouldn't work.  For some bizarre 
reason..when you try to drag an object it intermittently works.  Most of 
the time lets you drag but it goes nowhere.  Other times it drags but 
just shows you the edge instead of the object being dragged which makes 
it difficult to visualize where you are putting things.  RARELY it 
actually drags the object.  I couldn't see any rhyme or reason to it.  
It just seemed to be doing whatever it felt like.  It didn't matter 
where I drug it near as i could tell. lol.  what a pain.  I finally 
figure out that I could fine adjust using the position values in the 
movement box at the right.  I've never really used a decent paint 
program much.  I've gotten by on minimalist stuff for all these years.  
Finally learning a few things. lol.

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