[sdiy] Free Ensoniq Mirage and Marantz Tuner for parts

Tony Rolando tony at makenoisemusic.com
Thu Nov 4 17:34:03 CET 2010

Looks like shipping will be about $35 for both hunks o' junks.
I'm not going to ship separately, just one box. If any body wants, then 
get in touch and they are yours, as of tomorrow they will be donated to 
a local repair shop.

I'd like to keep them out of the dump, and I have not time to repair.


On 11/4/10 11:03 AM, Tony Rolando wrote:
> I've got and Ensoniq Mirage Rackmount unit. Bad drive. All the CEM3328 
> have been robbed for other repairs. Otherwise, plenty of other parts 
> to repair your Mirage.
> Marantz Stereo Tuner/ Amplifier. It is a nice one, but has one ailing 
> channel.
> Both of these items were in the back of my truck for the last year. 
> They are pretty beat. If somebody could use them, I'd be glad to pack 
> them up and ship, assuming you will pay shipping. OR, if you are in 
> the Asheville, NC area, I'll meet you in town and hand them over.
> Tony
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