[sdiy] RFZ gear - negative voltage power supply?

jure zitnik kokoon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 11:37:55 CET 2010

thanks for the reply.

i am quite certain that the modules are -24V, i have read about that
in a few different places.

since i don't have the specific PSU unit you're describing, am i
getting this right:
in linear AC-DC supplies the AC ground is usually connected to "DC
ground" which make the DC output positive, relative to the common
if i connected such power supply backwards, i would have problems with
common ground with the rest of the setup?
that is why i need to tie the (system) ground to what you call "+Out"?

kinda makes sense :)

also, about the current consumption - the EQ module is specced at max
45mA... i'm guessing 200mA would be enough for all 3 modules... or
should i need more?


On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 11:00 AM, Cary Roberts
<cary.roberts at retrosynth.net> wrote:
>>Now how exactly does that work? Can I just take a normal AC-DC 24V
>>supply, hook the +24V to the module's ground and the supply's ground
>>to module's -24V input?
>>Does anybody know these specific modules? I read somewhere they don't
>>even need regulated voltage... any ideas?
> If you don't have pinouts you're confident are correct, first ask on Prodigy
> Pro or Gearslutz to make sure the modules are indeed -24V.  If the modules
> are -24V and you're using a standard linear supply like a HA-24 or HB-24
> from Power One, Condor, etc then connect -Out to the -24V input of the
> module, +Out to ground, and connect the AC ground to the +Out at the power
> supply.  I'd suggest fusing the DC side at .1 or .2A until you know it all
> works.
> -Cary

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