[sdiy] Stompbox power (was Re: Socket schematic symbol question)

Harry Bissell harrybissell at wowway.com
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I was going to suggest an "auto-off" circuit that would power the
stompbox down (let's say) five minutes after your last 'power chord'

(wouldn't that just p!ss you off :^)

H^) harry

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On 2 November 2010 15:40, cheater cheater <cheater00 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am guessing one more way would be to have some form of "current
> detection" circuit in the signal path... which would detect if there's
> a closed circuit (hence, signal coming in and so, current
> happening)... and you could use that MOSFET you talk about, I guess?

Nah, you're just overcomplicating things for no additional benefit.
Also, what to do about quiet moments (i.e. what is the signal
detection threshold?) - do you want the popping sounds as the supply
switches on/off?  Probably not.

keep it simple.

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