[sdiy] Potentiometers and Mounting PCB's

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Sun Feb 28 19:23:50 CET 2010

> Well, I guess that's subjective, but normally I want the half way point
> to be at 12 o'clock. With the Blacet modules it is at 9 o'clock . With
> those pots you'd have to use a knob with a separate cap to get the half
> way point at 12 o'clock, unless you could get a knob with the pointer in
> a different position.

That's why I only use smooth shafts, and knobs with set screws, although
admittedly the knobs are a bit of a pain to put on.  In some cases, I
actually use a scope or DVM to find the middle before tightening the screw.

> I suppose I could put the module on the floor and lay on my left side!
> My work van has the turn indicator control on left, whereas most cars
> here (including mine) are on the right, but now whenever I drive a car
> that is not my own I go for the lever on the left whenever I turn, and
> the windscreen wipers go nuts!

I travel to Oz often for work, and while I now drive on the left like a
champ, I still turn the wipers on almost every time I try to turn!

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