[sdiy] Favourite VCO designs

Jerry Gray-Eskue jerryge at cableone.net
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<<One of these days, I will do a proper layout and have boards made>>

If you send me all the details of the finished design PCB dimensions with
mounting hole locations, component and connector details, I could do a board
layout for you. I may not be able to get to doing the layout right away but
it should not take long once I can get started. I should be able to give you
Gerbers for board shops and 1 to 1 image files for the PCB DIY crowd.

- Jerry

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> I believe David Dixon is working on a VCO that incorporates the SSM
> based exponential converter. Correct me if I'm wrong, David?
> If it's finished it could turn out to be my favorite VCO.
> The exponential converter design makes VCOs based on it very very stable.

Thanks for the mention, Damian!  I just finished emailing Stewart privately
to extol the virtues of said 2164 Expo VCO.  I've built four of them now
(all sawcore -- two for me and two for a friend), and they are very nice.
They never seem to drift or go out of tune, and are in tune from the moment
they are switched on.  I personally will never build any other VCO -- I like
them that much.  Of course, I really don't have anything else to compare
them to except my (slightly modified and expanded) Thomas Henry VCO-1s,
which are also very nice, but require tempcos and are not very stable.

I'm also working on a tricore version which is functionally identical, but
which will have a distinctly different, much more mellow sync character.

One of these days, I will do a proper layout and have boards made, but for
now, if you want one you either have to roll yer own PCB or have me send you
a board.  I can even put together a board kit, if anyone wants one.

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