[sdiy] pocket-sized DSO

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Sat Feb 20 20:44:10 CET 2010

Hi !

>I've used this USB logic analyser for a few years now and so far it
>has performed very well:
>       http://www.pctestinstruments.com/>
>So much so that a couple of other guys at work have also bought them.
>Plus, a laptop screen is much larger than a DSO screen :)

That's right. This logicanalyzer offers the best value for the money. We also have it in our company.
We also have the Digiview Dv1-100 that was more expensive but offers only 18 channels and only 100MHz.
(When I ordered it I didn't know about the Intronix type... :-(  )

There is also another USB logicanalyzer with 34 channels and 500MHz but the software is not as good the 
the Intronix software and it is more expensive.
And I think that the software is very important as the interpretion of serial datastreams like RS232, I2C, SPI
can save you a lot of time when searching for bugs.


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