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On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 15:19, John Alex Hvidlykke <john at hvidlykke.dk> wrote:
> Hi
> I agree that it would be a pity to abandon ship for one bad behaving troll.
> He should go - not us!
> But I *do* have to disagree on the faults and downfalls of Yahoo's groups.
> It is all a matter of a few clicks to get things working smoothly and, if
> wanted, just the way they are here.
> This is how it often works:
> 1. Moderation of each message is not needed (though I do use it on some of
> my own, less traffic-intensive groups). Each troll or spammer will only get
> *one* chance to pollute the athmosphere, before being booted out.

That's the same way it works now.

There is no difference.

The fact that Rick is not responding within 5 milliseconds does not
mean anything.

Jason will have episodes of unresponsiveness too.

> 2. The moderators could choose to let new members start up being moderated.
> After a few well-behaved posts, the moderation can be lifted. Rule number
> one still applies.

Same thing we have with pipermail already.

> 3. No moderator should be alone. At leat a handfull of deputees would be
> needed for a group of this size. That would also negate the problem of the
> owner leaving the group alone.

This functionality is in pipermail already.

> 4. Advertising is not a problem if you receive the postings in plain text
> format mails, just like on this list.

the pipermail archives don't have ads. The yahoo archives do. Yahoo loses here.

So, I don't see any improvement in moving to yahoo.

There are multiple downfalls of moving to yahoo though:

- lots of people will be lost in the move.
- yahoo is borg.
- yahoo might do what ever they want with our email addresses.
- yahoo might shut down our list and we can't do anything, because
legally it's owned by yahoo.
- yahoo might be taken over by someone, and could shut down lists
altogether. The management of yahoo hasn't been too great the last few
years, a takeover is looming.
- yahoo are not your friendly moderator. If someone loses control of
the list, e.g. by losing a password, the list can end up out of our
hands forever. Sure, there are safeguard mechanisms against this, but
this option still exists. With pipermail you just need physical access
to the server.
- yahoo owns our posts. I would rather that yahoo did not own my posts.
- who knows what stupid crap yahoo will come up with in the future.
pipermail won't change, unless we want it to.


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>> I will not use Yahoo groups.
>> I've been on them, the advertising is an eye sore.
>> Yahoo groups also attract trolls and spammers, so unless each and
>> every message
>> has to be approved by a moderator, they get in and drop their turds in the
>> punchbowl.  And if every message is moderated, it can become a
>> reasonably large
>> task - which will exhaust the moderator who will eventually relax
>> the rules -
>> and then the trolls can get in again.
>> I believe that the best solution is to ignore the troll.
>> I might consider another list if this were a chronic problem, but
>> in reality,
>> it is rather rare.
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