[sdiy] Aoyue 2702A+ re-work station

Tony Rolando tony at makenoisemusic.com
Tue Feb 16 13:32:41 CET 2010

Thanx for the replies.
It seems that my experience is echoing that of Cary's. The solder does 
not seem to make it all the way through the nozzle before it solidifies. 
The only way I could explain this is that the heating element just does 
not hold temp.

The company I purchased from is telling me that i need to let the 2702 
heat up for 20 minutes before use! That's  funny.


Cary Roberts wrote:
>> Anybody else used one of these re-work stations. Picked on up on sale
>> last week. Having a real hard time getting any good use from this tool.
>> I thought perhaps there was something I missed in set-up or use... the
>> manual is only a couple pages long and leaves much to be figured out by
>> experimentation.
>> Here is the link:
>> http://store.sra-solder.com/product.php/6268/26
> My experience with the same unit has been very poor.  There were numerous
> defects with the unit and I do not believe they were unique to the unit I
> received, but common to all Aoyue manufactured products.  While Aoyue makes
> clones of well known gear it all performs poorly from heating elements to
> control electronics to sheet metal and plastics.
> The only product they made that was half usable was an infrared PCB
> preheater.  A used Hakko or other name brand unit is a much better
> investment.
> -Cary
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