[sdiy] The Dreaded ROHS

David G. Dixon dixon at interchange.ubc.ca
Mon Feb 16 23:55:44 CET 2009

Not to add to the rant, but...

As anyone who has ever visited a third-world or eastern bloc country will
attest, there is only one sure-fire cure for pollution:


The worst polluting countries are those which are desperately trying
(through heavy industry) to convert soft currency (rupees, rubles, etc) into
hard currency (US dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen, etc).

Affluence is also a pretty good antidote to over-population.  How many
people do you know in your affluent countries with 8 children?  And yet,
think of sub-Saharan Africa, where many children (all starving) is the norm.
Or, think of your own ancestors.  You probably don't have to look too far
back to find someone in your ancestry who had 7 or 8 siblings.

The key to a sparkling clean planet is to make everybody rich, and then
allow them not to work for a living.

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> Simon Brouwer wrote:
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> >> For example I recently calculated that if 1 billion people of the
> >> world drove some log truck that intakes .5 cf per rev (350 does .1 cf
> >> per rev) of let's say..utterly polluted useless air (which isn't the
> >> case..but..just say to get a concept) out the other side... and they
> >> all drove them 10,000 miles per year... the total impact on the
> >> atmosphere would be on the order of  1.7ppm
> >
> > And you think that a yearly increase of that much CO2 in the
> > atmosphere will not have a large effect on global temperatures in the
> > long run?
> >
> > 1.7 ppm may *sound* negligible but that doesn't mean that it *is*.
> >
> Well the thing is we have an earth that is full of processes of
> combustion.  The little ones people do in vehicles pale in comparison to
> the ones nature does beneath the surface all the time.  And of course
> whenever a volcano errupts we see a mass display of this that of course
> overshadows a billion little tailpipes even.  Average surface area of
> exhaust of .15 ft radius even is 70million square foot of exhaust pipe
> ;-).  Which would be a mile and a half x mile and a half hole putting
> away.  The vent size of a typical volcano is..quite  a bit smaller but
> when they errupt it's like an a bomb going off in contrast.  And they
> can continue to spew for quite some time... there are something like 65
> 'active' volcanoes at the moment each of which during an erruption and
> in the aftermath will of course make man's contribution to the picture
> look quite insignificant.  NOT to mention these aren't distributed and
> nature has to reconcile the damage in a much more concentrated area
> which isnt' good at all :-)
> Anyway we're ranging wildly from the topic but I'm just saying..nature
> is pretty durable because of the broad bandwidth of things it entails.
> If we don't burn the oil...what the heck do people think happens when a
> volcanoe errupts through it? :-)
> If we don't build houses out of the trees, what do people think happens
> when a forrest fire takes it all out?
> There are some areas where people try to *strain out gnats* basically
> I'm just saying and in the end it looks very foolish indeed.  And the
> ROHS thing has been one of those if there ever was one.  People wonder
> why economies are failing etc. Yet they keep thinking of more and more
> trivial things to plague people's efficiency with.   This human control
> is webbing it's way into all aspects of life.  The food we eat even.
> But anyway... that's all I'll say.  I don't want to plague people
> because it really is pretty off topic in a way except... hey if the
> world government players destroy people's productivity I don't think
> we'll be talking about sdiy stuff much.   People will just be trying to
> survive.
>  -Bob
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